Adult Kitty Katz (BARDWELL)

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3 Adult Kitty Katz to good homes with loving and RESPONSIBLE pet owners.

I have an orange tabby approximately 2 years old. (spayed and vaccinated with Loan Oak Animal Hospital papers as of 5-15-2024, I'll ask $50 for her). She's a good hunter and pick nic thief. Always bringing in gifts to us like, voles, mice, rats, deep fried chicken thighs, hotdogs. She will feed you!

A muted color calico mother for $50. Approximately 2 years as well. (Fixed, Vaxxd, rabies and papers from Lone Oak as well). She's a goofy looking dork, sweet with moxy.

If you'd like an older BEAUTIFUL white male cat with an orange ring tail and crystal blue eyes he's up for grabs (Approximately aged is 7 years by vet and would do best in the care of older people. He is neutered, vaccinated, Lone Oak Animal Hospital papers showing this, I'll ask 50 dollars for him too). He's sweet as can be and chill as hell.

Please if you're looking for cats call me! They need good and loving forever homes. Being a cat wrangler is a tough job! All are litter box trained.

I will furnish you all receipts and paperwork upon your acquisition of the cat or cats of your choice. All the kitty's are vax'd, and brought up to health code and Kentucky standards.I have also given them Veterinary Prescription Advantage flea, tick, heartworm monthly medication. It's the good stuff. The 340 dollar a year (per cat) weapons grade kill all. Not cheap, but VERY EFFECTIVE! All of them are healthy and coexist as a family, so they are other cat socialized. As for dogs I dunno.

Call me @ show contact info literally anytime, I don't care if you wake me up. Finding them forever homes with loving people is far more important! I'll even deliver to Paducah Tuesdays through Sundays. Thank you all!

-Mr. Nate

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